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At Name is Nasim Landscape, we specialize in creating stunning outdoor spaces that reflect your unique vision. Our team of experienced professionals provides a wide array of landscaping services, from basic lawn care to full-scale landscape design and installation, We bring your landscape dreams to life, ensuring that your outdoor space becomes a beautiful and inviting extension of your property.

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Sarah R
Client From Lake Tapps, WA Area
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Nasim Landscape turned my backyard into a breathtaking oasis. The attention to detail and creativity they brought to the project exceeded my expectations. I couldn't be happier with the results!
James L
Client From Lake Tapps, WA Area
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From the initial design concept to the final installation, Nasim Landscape was a pleasure to work with. They listened to my ideas and delivered a stunning landscape that perfectly complements my home.
Emily M
Client From Lake Tapps, WA Area
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Nasim Landscape's team is not only talented but also professional. They completed the landscaping project on time and within budget, and the results speak for themselves. Highly recommended!
David S
Client From Lake Tapps, WA Area
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I wanted a low-maintenance yet beautiful front yard, and Nasim Landscape delivered exactly that. Their expertise in plant selection and design created a welcoming entrance to my home.
Jennifer H
Client From Lake Tapps, WA Area
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Nasim Landscape's commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of their work. Our backyard has become a haven for relaxation and entertainment, thanks to their vision and skill.
Michael C
Client From Lake Tapps, WA Area
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I was impressed by Nasim Landscape's knowledge of sustainable landscaping practices. They created an eco-friendly design that not only looks great but also supports our local ecosystem.
Laura D
Client From Lake Tapps, WA Area
Read More
The team at Nasim Landscape is not only talented but also incredibly friendly. They made the entire landscaping process enjoyable, and I'm thrilled with the results.
Thomas B
Client From Lake Tapps, WA Area
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Nasim Landscape's attention to detail is remarkable. They took the time to understand my preferences and incorporated them into the design. The end result is a backyard that feels like an extension of my home.
Rebecca P
Client From Lake Tapps, WA Area
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Nasim Landscape transformed my dull backyard into a vibrant and functional space. Their design perfectly balances aesthetics with practicality. I'm grateful for their expertise.
John K
Client From Lake Tapps, WA Area
Read More
Working with Nasim Landscape was a fantastic experience. They communicated effectively throughout the project and delivered a landscape that has become the envy of my neighbors. Thank you for your exceptional work!

Lake Tapps, WA at a Glance

Climate and Soil Conditions in Lake Tapps

    1. Description of the Climate:
      Lake Tapps, Washington, experiences a temperate climate, characterized by mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. The average annual temperature is 52.8°F (11.6°C), with average January temperatures around 40°F (4.4°C) and average July temperatures around 72°F (22.2°C). The area receives an average of 38 inches (96.5 cm) of precipitation annually, with most of the rain falling between October and April. Snowfall is relatively rare, averaging only 8 inches (20.3 cm) per year.


  • Types of Soil in the Area:
    The soils in Lake Tapps are predominantly composed of sandy loam, which is a well-drained soil with a good balance of sand, silt, and clay. This type of soil is ideal for landscaping as it allows for good drainage while still retaining moisture. However, some areas of Lake Tapps may have clay-based soils, which can be more difficult to work with and may require additional amendments to improve drainage.



  • Challenges and Opportunities for Landscaping:
    The climate and soil conditions in Lake Tapps offer both challenges and opportunities for landscaping. The mild climate allows for a wide variety of plants to thrive, including both native and non-native species. However, the relatively high levels of precipitation can create challenges for drainage, particularly in areas with clay-based soils. To address these challenges, landscapers in Lake Tapps often incorporate features such as raised beds, terraces, and French drains to improve drainage and create a more favorable environment for plants.


Landscaping Services Available in Lake Tapps

  1. Residential Landscaping Services:
    1. Lawn Care and Maintenance: Mowing, edging, trimming, aeration, dethatching, and fertilizing.
    2. Planting and Gardening: Planting trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables, as well as pruning, weeding, and pest control.
    3. Irrigation Systems: Design, installation, and maintenance of sprinkler systems to ensure proper watering of lawns and gardens.
  2. Commercial Landscaping Services:
    1. Landscape Design and Installation: Creating custom landscape designs and installing a variety of plant materials, hardscapes, and accessories.
    2. Hardscaping (Patios, Walkways, etc.): Designing and constructing patios, walkways, retaining walls, and other hardscape features using materials such as stone, brick, and concrete.
    3. Seasonal Maintenance: Providing regular maintenance services such as lawn mowing, pruning, and pest control, as well as seasonal tasks like snow removal and leaf cleanup.

Popular Plants and Landscaping Styles in Lake Tapps

  1. Native Plants and Their Benefits:
    1. Benefits: Native plants are well-adapted to the local climate and soil conditions, requiring less maintenance and water once established. They also provide habitat and food sources for local wildlife, promoting biodiversity.
    2. Examples: Some popular native plants for Lake Tapps include Douglas fir, Western red cedar, Pacific rhododendron, and salal.
  2. Popular Non-Native Plants:
    1. Examples: Some popular non-native plants for Lake Tapps include Japanese maples, cherry blossom trees, roses, and hydrangeas.
  3. Common Landscaping Styles in the Area:
    1. Pacific Northwest Style: A style that emphasizes the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, incorporating native plants, water features, and natural stone.
    2. Contemporary/Modern Style: A style characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes, and a minimalist aesthetic.
    3. Traditional Style: A style that incorporates elements from classic European or American garden styles, such as formal flower beds, manicured lawns, and topiaries.

Finding a Landscaping Company in Lake Tapps

  1. Researching and comparing companies:
    1. Online Research: Search online directories, read reviews, and visit company websites to compare services and pricing.
    2. Word-of-Mouth Referrals: Ask friends, neighbors, or family members for recommendations based on their experiences.
  2. Reading Reviews and Asking for Recommendations:
    1. Online Reviews: Read reviews on platforms such as Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List to get insights from previous customers.
    2. Ask for Recommendations: Ask your local nursery or garden center for recommendations, as they often have relationships with local landscaping companies.
  3. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Company:
    1. Experience and Expertise: Look for companies with a track record of success and a team of experienced professionals.
    2. Services Offered: Make sure the company offers the specific services you need, such as lawn care, planting, or hardscaping.
    3. Cost and Budget: Get quotes from multiple companies to compare pricing and ensure it fits within your budget.
    4. Availability and Scheduling: Check the company’s availability to work on your project and ensure they can meet your scheduling needs.
    5. Customer Service and Communication: Look for a company that is responsive to inquiries, communicates effectively, and is willing to work with you to achieve your landscaping goals.

DIY Landscaping Tips for Lake Tapps Residents

  1. Benefits of DIY Landscaping:
    1. Cost Savings: DIY landscaping can save you money compared to hiring a professional.
    2. Personalization: DIY landscaping allows you to create a unique and personalized outdoor space that reflects your personal style and preferences.
    3. Satisfaction: Completing a DIY landscaping project can give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.
  2. Basic Landscaping Techniques and Tools:
    1. Mowing and Edging: Use a lawnmower to cut your grass to the desired height and use an edger to create clean lines along sidewalks and driveways.
    2. Planting: Choose plants that are suitable for the local climate and soil conditions, dig holes twice as wide as the root ball, and water thoroughly after planting.
    3. Pruning: Prune trees and shrubs to remove dead or diseased branches, shape the plants, and promote healthy growth.
    4. Mulching: Apply a layer of mulch around plants to help retain moisture, suppress weeds, and improve soil health.
  3. Resources and Classes Available for Learning:
    1. Books and Online Resources: There are numerous books and online resources available to learn about landscaping techniques, plant selection, and design principles.
    2. Classes and Workshops: Local nurseries, garden centers, and community colleges often offer classes and workshops on various landscaping topics.
    3. Gardening Clubs and Societies: Joining a local gardening club or society can provide you with opportunities to learn from experienced gardeners and participate in workshops and events.
  4. Safety Precautions and Tips:
    1. Wear Protective Gear: Always wear gloves, eye protection, and sturdy shoes when working in the garden.
    2. Be Aware of Power Tools: If using power tools, such as lawnmowers or hedge trimmers, follow safety instructions carefully and never operate them while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
    3. Avoid Overexertion: Take breaks as needed to avoid fatigue and strain.
    4. Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water, especially when working outdoors in hot weather.

Maintaining and Updating Your Landscape

  1. Importance of Regular Maintenance:
    1. Healthy Plants: Regular maintenance helps keep your plants healthy and thriving, reducing the need for costly replacements.
    2. Curb Appeal: A well-maintained landscape enhances